Cross-Training: Yoga and Running!

Do you run? I do.  I love to hit the pavement.  When I do, there’s no need for headphones or earbuds to listen to music.  I prefer to hear the sounds of nature, and enjoy the sights along the way: whether it be budding bushes, gardens in bloom, or fall coloured trees.  It’s also aContinue reading “Cross-Training: Yoga and Running!”

Oouch! Cramps – cramps in the toes, calf, or hamstring?

You are deep in your Eka Pada Rajakapotasana /Pigeon Pose: using your Ujjayi breathing, taking that breath right down into your hips, relaxing your shoulders, releasing your jaw, when all of a sudden your hamstring cramps! It sneaks up on you, but once it’s there, there is no denying it, and usually nothing to do,Continue reading “Oouch! Cramps – cramps in the toes, calf, or hamstring?”

Yoga to Enhance Fertility

Several months ago, I wrote a blog on Yoga for Fertility. We looked at some breath work and relaxation to reduce stress and engage the parasympathetic system–rest and digest–and to calm the sympathetic system–fight/flight/freeze–which allows the body to become a welcoming environment for the development of a new life! That was just before the COVIDContinue reading “Yoga to Enhance Fertility”

Missing Your Yoga Community during COVID 19 Physical Distancing?

COVID 19 has turned our world upside down. We are social beings, meant to be together with others, to share our lives, our thoughts, our feelings, and our activities. Suddenly that sense of belonging, of being with others, of sharing our lives, and our interests, has been taken away from us in our attempts toContinue reading “Missing Your Yoga Community during COVID 19 Physical Distancing?”


One of the most important underpinnings of Buddhist philosophy is that of anicca, impermanence.  Impermanence permeates our own lives, our relationships, our community, our world, our universe. Nothing stays the same, nothing is forever, change is ongoing. Without the ability to accept the reality of impermanence, we suffer, as we try to hold on toContinue reading “Anicca”

During this time of Social Distancing, Find ‘Sangha’

I had planned to write about yoga for fertility and provide some poses that can be fertility enhancing for this edition of my blog.  At this moment, I’m not sure that is the right direction to go.  I know that when things happen and life changes, we just have to keep putting one foot inContinue reading “During this time of Social Distancing, Find ‘Sangha’”

Yoga for Fertility

In my yoga therapy studies, I’ve been reading about yoga for fertility. The authors often write about yoga for “infertility”.  In our fast paced, multi-tasking lifestyles, we can accumulate the stress of multiple roles, work and career expectations, commuting requirements, relationship obligations, and time constraints, which may reduce our ability to accomplish our own personalContinue reading “Yoga for Fertility”

Resolutions? Or Intentions for 2020?

The New Year is upon us.  It’s time to set those New Year’s Resolutions.  Or is it? When you set a New Year’s Resolution and you don’t manage to achieve it, how do you feel?  Do you feel defeated and deflated?  We start out with excitement and great expectations of the changes that we willContinue reading “Resolutions? Or Intentions for 2020?”