Why Do I Do Yoga?

Is yoga meditation?  Is yoga exercise?  Can yoga help you lose weight, get strong muscles, develop cardio strength? What exactly is yoga, and what does it do for you? Yoga means to join, to yoke, or to unite.  Yoga is the joining, the uniting, or the yoking of body, mind, and spirit. How? Yoga can…

Cross-Training: Yoga and Running!

Do you run? I do.  I love to hit the pavement.  When I do, there’s no need for headphones or earbuds to listen to music.  I prefer to hear the sounds of nature, and enjoy the sights along the way: whether it be budding bushes, gardens in bloom, or fall coloured trees.  It’s also a…

Oouch! Cramps – cramps in the toes, calf, or hamstring?

You are deep in your Eka Pada Rajakapotasana /Pigeon Pose: using your Ujjayi breathing, taking that breath right down into your hips, relaxing your shoulders, releasing your jaw, when all of a sudden your hamstring cramps! It sneaks up on you, but once it’s there, there is no denying it, and usually nothing to do,…

Yoga to Enhance Fertility

Several months ago, I wrote a blog on Yoga for Fertility. We looked at some breath work and relaxation to reduce stress and engage the parasympathetic system–rest and digest–and to calm the sympathetic system–fight/flight/freeze–which allows the body to become a welcoming environment for the development of a new life! That was just before the COVID…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Roxanna, previously, an Early Childhood Educator. I have also written weekly newspaper columns, led non-profit organization, and worked with volunteer board of directors. Now I teach yoga. Put it all together, and as well as instructing yoga classes, I write a monthly yoga blog. Enjoy reading, leave your comments, and subscribe below!

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